The heat is on and it will only get worse with the temperatures soaring and making it impossible to go out, during the day. With summer holidays around the corner and children at home throughout the day, it is good to have some new, fun and innovative ideas to keep them occupied, entertained, safe and healthy (away from the hot sunny weather) at the same time! Be sure to not share this list with them, else they might just want to do all the activities asap, which will hectic in a fun way though!

While finding fun activities to do with your kids in the summer is not tough, finding what to do at home; after all those outdoor visits  – to the amusement parks, going to movies, zoo and museums – is definitely a task!


Here is our list of 50 things and activities that you can do at home (yes 50 things at home) have fun, enjoy yourself too (who said, only kids can fun?!) and have a great bonding time! These activities are not only enjoyable but also easy on the pocket and great ideas for the home too. The best part, these activities keep your child away from screen time!

 With two months of holidays, you have enough activities to do! So, what are you waiting for?! Read on…..and you are bound to do an activity yourself right away!

  1. Grill ‘em: Perfect activity for the evening, is a cookout! Grill some veggies or corn in the balcony or backyard.
  2. Backyard camping: An ideal way to have fun with the kids. Make a tent with some bed sheets and stuffed toys and you are ready to go. Or build a fort with pillows in the living room or cardboard boxes in the yard.
  3. Slumber party: Camp in together for a change and put all the sleeping bags on the floor and have a family slumber party. Great time for some family stories.
  4. Star gazing: Invite your kids’ friends for an evening of star gazing. Use an app to identify some star constellations, fun while they learn. A great time to talk into the night.
  5. Rearrange furniture: Make the kid feel responsible, ask him/her how he would like the furniture in the house. Let them draw out a plan first and then you do the hard work. They will love it their way.
  6. Much-needed naps: Take family naps together in the afternoon, another good way to avoid the harsh sun.
  7. Gaming arcade: Invite your kids’ friends over for a game night. While they play their video game on one side, you too play a video game on the other side.
  8. Puzzle race: Pick some puzzles from your child’s shelf and have a puzzle race and see who finishes first.
  9. Game zone: Play a card or board game with the kids. Chess, Monopoly, Life; anything depending on age and inclination. Your child will now see how you play board games.
  10. Back to school shopping: Start it early, so that kids can plan and enjoy themselves prepping too.
  11. Homework done: It’s better to get the homework done and out of the way, both for you and them. That way, they have the rest of the holidays to not touch their homework at all.
  12. New hairdo fun: Let your child experiment and have some fun with new hairdos; with not-permanent colors or braids or a gelled or spiked look.
  13. Bird walk: Take early morning birds walk on the terrace and see the early birds fly by.
  14. Sunrise watch: A great time to sit in the balcony or front yard and watch the sunrise with your little one. While your child sips on some warm milk, you can sip on your early morning coffee.
  15. Sunset watch: Another wonderful activity to sit and watch the sunset. Let your child explain the difference between the rise and set, while munching on some popcorn or homemade eats.
  16. Vegetable garden: Grow vegetables indoors and let your child be responsible for one plant, where he/she waters it and tends to it. Then let your child pick the vegetables to cook. He will know which are ready to be picked and which are not.
  17. Flower patch: Grow flowers indoors and put the small pots in corners where it is visible and for everyone to see. A reason for him to be proud about.
  18. Cooking time: Give the kids a chance to cook dinner; anything of their choice that they can make. Make a tradition of it and let them cook once every two months or so.
  19. Sleepover: Be the host for your kids’ friends for a sleepover and let them plan and play what they want to do, while you keep a watchful eye.
  20. Family movies: An activity that would never bore you or your kids. Watch family movies or wedding videos. The kids will love to see themselves on the big screen.
  21. Book reading session: Call your kids’ parents too and have a book reading session, complete with voice changes and roles for each parent. They will love it and inculcate book reading habit too.
  22. Learn together: Take lessons together online; be it cooking, yoga or music.
  23. Childhood games: Teach your kids the games you played when you were a kid; five stones, hop scotch, Ludo etc.
  24. Homemade ice cream: Make ice cream at home with your child, they will love helping you with this and enjoy it with a flourish. Invite some neighborhood kids to mingle and join in. Try popsicles and different toppings. An activity that has great success rates!
  25. Summer flowers: Press summer flowers and then frame it or use it to make an art piece. Easy to make and one that your child would be proud of, to show off.
  26. String beads: It might sound simple but it can be as simple or complex as you choose. It will help your child relax, be calm and sit in one place.
  27. Make bubbles: Make bubbles with your child and have a full summer’s supply that he would love to sit and blow bubbles in the balcony.
  28. DIY Pizza: There are tons of recipes online, choose one and make your own pizza with your kid at the helm. They will love eating what they make!
  29. Play golf or cricket or table tennis: Play miniature golf or cricket in the hallway of your apartment or outside your home in the evening. Or table tennis on the dining table. A good way to get some fresh air too.
  30. Build a castle: Build a Lego castle on the dining table and let the whole family pitch in. More the merrier!
  31. Master a skill: Perfect bonding time together is to learn to master a skill together with your child. Learn to juggle, play the flute, do the hula-hoop or play the keyboard.
  32. Illustrate your thoughts: Write or illustrate a comic book, make it a family effort or let everyone do his or her own drawing. A good book for keepsake.
  33. Food for thought: Build your brain with some brainteaser games, with your child. A good way to keep those grey cells jogging and having fun.
  34. Home project: Let the child pick a home project where he/she can help and set a goal to complete the home project.
  35. Beach craft: Create art with beach items like seashells and little rocks or sand; and then keep them in the display section on your home.
  36. Breakfast in bed: Let your child feel pampered and like a king or queen.
  37. Clay play: Play with clay and create your own quirky or beautiful creations and then leave them to dry. You can paint them if you want.
  38. Play with play dough: A stress buster for you and fun for the kids. Play and then pulp it up and do it again.
  39. Fly away: Make paper airplanes and see whose plane goes the farthest.
  40. Sketch to etch: Keep a sketch diary of the days’ activities; it will improve your child’s drawing skills.
  41. Journal keeping: Ask your child to maintain a journal. It is a great thing to look back on and relive the moments. Maybe share highlights of the holidays at the end.
  42. Photo gifts: Make photo gifts online and print them at home. A gift that grandparents would love.
  43. Treasure hunt: Create a treasure hunt at home and let the winning prize be a wonderful surprise for your child, maybe a favorite chocolate or activity.
  44. Bird feed: Put up a bird feeder in your balcony and sit back and watch the show from your window.
  45. Home show: Put on your own dramatic performance complete with a script, make-up and maybe costumes. Your kids will love to act and see you act too.
  46. Dumb charades: Play dumb charades and turn all that drama into a game.
  47. Play music: Make music either with what is at home or make some homemade ones.
  48. Make cookies: Keep your kitchen cool and make some no-bake cookies with your child.
  49. Family yearbook: Make a photo journal or a family yearbook with your kid and keep it in the bookshelf for all to see.
  50. Tie & dye: Buy a tie-dye kit online and watch the pleasure your child gets when he/she makes his own t-shirt. Good way to use one of your child’s stained white shirts rather than buying a new one.

These are just a few of our favorite things to do in summer at home! Try out these summer boredom busters and see for yourself! Remember how magical and memorable summer holidays were when we were kids, make them as magical and memorable for your child. Your child’s best summer memories are waiting to be made in your own home!